What We Do

Love goes the distance.

We are a charitable, non-profit, non-governmental organization.  Our funds are given by people who want to make a real difference by changing the life of an impoverished child. By providing these children with a loving nurturing environment and access to education, we are helping to break this chain of poverty and provide them an opportunity for a better future.  We focus on three key areas – care for the children, education, and medical care. 

Care for Children

Care for children is at the heart of our mission. We work with local national partners to provide this care – and it is different in each country. We operate Care Centers in China and a girls rescue home in India – family-based care in Mongolia, Myanmar and Nepal.  We provide food, clothing, medical care, and education for each child. There are many more children who have been abandoned than we are able to serve through Care Centers – and they are cared for through family-based children’s homes or foster care.  Our local partners oversee all of these children, including those in foster care – aged from preschool through university. They visit their schools at the beginning of each semester to pay their cost of living and tuition fees, visit the families who have taken the children in to provide food and clothing, and send a report to sponsors. These children are in all the countries we operate – China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Nepal.


Education is a second of our core missions. Every child that we care for is provided an education. This is the best way to provide them with hope and break the chain of poverty that plagues their future. Even beyond primary and secondary education, we provide them with the opportunity to attend college or vocational training. We believe every child that leaves our care should have the life skills to provide for themselves and their families.

Medical Care

Our third core activity is providing lifesaving medical care for children from families who can’t afford it.  We provide impoverished children with life-saving open heart or cleft palate/lip surgery, as well burn repairs and rehabilitation.  If their condition is inoperable overseas, we try to get them into a U.S. hospital for surgery.  Most of these surgeries are conducted in China, but on an average year we will have one child come to the US. Although US donor hospitals are typically able to cover the cost of surgery and sometimes transportation, there are expenses for each child such as passport, visa, and transportation. We also ask host families in the US to take these children into their homes and provide transportation to and from their appointments. Your donations help us get these children the life-saving help they need. 


Sustainable Projects

A key core value behind our efforts is sustainability.  We seek to transition all our currently dependent operations over to indigenous/local support. To do this, this year we are launching pilot projects in three locations in India – we will learn from these projects, apply the lessons to other projects in coming years, and then build projects to help these other partners and communities move forward with sustainable options.  This will be a long term effort but we are committed to it and are seeking other partners and supporters to join on this journey. 


Join Us

Join us on our mission. With the help of our sponsors, partners and volunteers, we join these children on their journey through life, building community and changing the world each step of the way.

Love Goes The Distance.

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