Who We Are

Love goes the distance.

We’ve been on the ground in China for over 20 years.

Our long track record of working in a difficult political/cultural environment allows us to ensure your donations are used in an effective and responsible way – going directly to care for the children.

Unlike younger organizations we have experience with what works and what doesn’t.

Because we’ve been dealing with different provinces in China and other challenging Asian environments, we aren’t limited in how or where we can benefit children.  We have maintained a robust presence despite the limitations in some areas and have established resources in place where they are needed the most.  Our established relationships ensure the future of our children, our mission, and our organization; that is how we have earned the trust of the countries we operate in, our children, and our donors.

John Connor Brown Care Center – Group Pic | China Orphanage | Agape Asia Foundation

Join Us

Join us on our mission. With the help of our sponsors, partners and volunteers, we join these children on their journey through life, building community and changing the world each step of the way.

Agape Asia was not founded by a wealthy individual or funded by a single wealthy corporation.

We were founded by an ordinary man who simply answered the call to help abandoned children have a good life here on earth and learn about the love of their heavenly Father.  Funds are raised from people who want to make a measurable difference by investing in the best charities they can find who are making real impact.

Our support comes from individuals, as well as from organizations and churches, all of whom sacrifice in their lives to help make a difference in the lives of children they do not know — all because of God’s extraordinary love.

Because it is so difficult to raise funds this way, we work hard to honor the sacrifice each person has made by making sure that funds are used where they’re needed most.

To us, being one of the best charities in the world means working with the best people, to make as much of a meaningful difference as possible, with the resources we are given.

Who do we work with?

We have a large group of partners who help us care for the children, primarily in the area of the medical care and medical missions.  We could not provide the care that we do if it were not for them.  Thank you to all our partners.  Check out our partners on this page and help us say THANK YOU!

Who oversees the work?

We have a group of Christian men and women who are passionate about our mission and who serve on our board of directors to oversee our work.  They come from a variety of professional backgrounds – from financial executives to business owners to ministers to school administrators – but they share the same vision and focus on making a difference in the lives of children in Asia.  Check out who they are on our Board of Directors page.


Love Goes The Distance.

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